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To provide no-cost English language acquisition support to underserved youth in developing countries. 


A world where every child and young adult has the necessary language skills to overcome barriers and find success in their lives.


Safety: We believe the safety of children is our highest priority and do not take any actions that would pose a risk of danger to them. 

Equality: We value every human life and embrace diversity. People are the key to change in the world despite any differences among us. 

Integrity: We believe all those involved in carrying out our core mission have a right to transparency ensuring our organization is always held accountable.

Quality: We place a high importance on providing quality resources and services to those we serve.

Innovation: We believe no single idea is perfect and welcome change as long as it improves our approach to achieving our vision.

Advocacy: We believe every child deserves a voice and will use our organization as a tool to convey the needs of those we serve and their accomplishments which drive the success of our mission.

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